Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Journal Classes

I am having so much fun!  My daughter and I hauled out all the art supplies we have been hoarding for years and gathered them in my craft area (my entire apartment).  They will finally be used instead of occasionally touched and hugged and put away again!

The Tamara LaPorte Portraits class is moving along fairly well.  Lots and lots of practice and I finally can draw a face that looks, well, a little more like a mannequin than a human, but human-ish which is great progress for me.  I can now draw eyes the same size, on the same face, and in the correct position!

I finished my first LifeBook lesson above.  That is my very first ever background (couldn't tell could ya) hehehe.  Now that I have gotten over my inner "but what is it FOR" demands I can learn to stamp and smear and paint and stencil and ink with wild abandon for no other purpose than to have fun.  And with more practice, I will get better and better and ya'll will eat your hearts out!

Till next time.

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