Saturday, May 28, 2011

About time, huh?

Nearly 6 months since my last post! Lost my only follower too! But that means maybe I will post more because no one is expecting major work here. Just lil ol me. Well, not that I expect major work from me. Minor work.

How do you insert an image into the middle? Oh, ya.

Whoa! The old gal is a techie wonder. Anyway, girl with tulip is a copic colored image in the distress style. I am really liking this style. Love primitives and will add some here soon. HONEST. Most of the photos are sideways so I have to go in and fix them.

10 minutes later, all fixed. Will try to post more today since they are fixed.

Oh boy. The tulips were supposed to be to the left of this paragraph. I still don't know how to put things where I want them.

Anyway, the tulips are copics again, cause I am mad for them. cuttlebugged the background. Bow made with bow easy, but I made a bow maker I actually like better. You can see it here: Becca is a GENIUS and so creative. I can't make anything even a fraction as well as she does, but boy can I APPRECIATE!

OK The card with the puppy up there that I thought would go here to the left but didn't - that is copic colored, again, and I used one of my spellbinder dies. Also Copic ABS to tint ribbon and the spellbinder die to match. So much fun!

Well, hopefully, I can start to do more crafty things. Got a job back in February and didn't have time for squat.

If anyone can tell me how to put photos where I want them, I sure would appreciate it!