Friday, September 30, 2011

Long time No write

Pathetic title, eh?  But true.  I don't know where time goes, just got up and went somewhere and forgot to take me.

Anyway, I am pleased to say that the eyelet card actually won a challenge on Outlaw Women Scrapbook Emporium yahoo group!!!   Gotta love, right?  I sure do.  Totally nice prize too.  Got a bottle of Distress Stain, which I have been wanting to try.  Also some really awesome charms, one of which is a little heart that opens up, like the kind that were so popular when I was a teen.  AND a package of totally cool Glitz Whatnot's that are wonderful.  I had never heard of Glitz but now I have to find more don't I?

Shook myself loose and got lots of cards done.  I was really on a roll, mostly because I decided I really don't CARE if I sell any cards.  I used to have fun making cards as a hobby, but somehow or other which I can't recall, I ended up placing some in a couple of places for sale.  Which is fine, except I slowly evolved from making cards just for fun, to making cards I thought others might like and purchase.  That made it more work than fun.  I was also trying to be like those wildly talented ladies who make those wildly gorgeous cards with 10 layers and a garden's worth of flowers AND a big bow.  I so admired their work, but can't do it.  So I quit and am just doing what appeals to me at the moment, never mind if anyone ever likes it.  Anyone else ever been through that?

I've also been going through all my 'stuff' and have cleared out a lot I just never used.  Now I am mostly surrounded by the things I enjoy using and not the things that make me feel guilty because I don't use them.  You know - gee I paid X amount of money for that and there it sits.  Fine little budgeter you are lady.

In the process I found I have a zillion means of sticking stuff to stuff, most of which I soon learned didn't work too great or ended up costing an arm and a leg to replace.  I gave myself permission to THROW OUT the liquid glues that ended up wrinkling the paper, or that you had to sit on till the layers dried.  Some of them, even a little touch would soak through.  Eek!  I have used up all those little tape runners that are so expensive and am sticking with my big ATG gun, which is practically free per inch next to those little tape runners that always ran out when I was in a hurry.  For liquid glues I am sticking with 4 - Yes, Daige, Martha S, and for heavy embellies, Beacon Multi-Grip.  When my Martha S is used up, I will not buy more since Yes and Daige do the same and last forever.  Martha is really tough to squeeze too.  At least for me.  Wish I could afford a bunch of her punches though.  Love her score board.  I have those raspberry Crafters Companion boards but I never got along with them.  Crooked crooked crooked.  With Martha Stewart I have perfectly square corners and this is essential when you are a tad, ok, a lot, OCD like me.

Well, am going to find a challenge so I can post some of these cards, ok?


  1. Oh you sound SO much like me and my venture...I too was making things to sell and it TOTALLY ZAPPED my mojo!!!!! I too decided to take a long hard look at what I really wanted and took the big step to take my creative time back to create what I had the passion for and not just "what might sell"...Feels AWESOME doesn't it!!!!! I wish you the MOST fun!!!!! Cleaning out things you won't ever use again is refreshing as well!!! Enjoy yourself and I hope you're having a very blessed week!!!

  2. Thanks so much Penny. It DOES feel awesome. I am actually having FUN again, and it has been a while since that happened. May I say, you are one of those ladies I so much admire that do SUCH gorgeous work with layers and flowers and so on that I wish so much I could do, but can't. I am blessed to have learned to be happy with what I can do and continue to admire the rest without trying to emulate. You have a blessed week as well and thanks for your comment.