Monday, August 15, 2011

Copic Cardstock Comparison

Since I am just a teensy OC I had to make color charts with each of the cardstocks I have.  I am SO not talking about how I ended up with all of them, but here are my conclusions on how they take the Copic colors.

GINA K:  Lightens the colors except for the darker tones (ending with 8 & 9) which will not blend, and get sticky.  I'm guessing here that the darker tones have more 'pigment' or something that cause this but I don't know for sure.  Is the smoothest cardstock (Number 1) and just fine for lighter colored images.  No bleed through whatsoever.

CRYOGEN - Has slight sparkles and is a kind of dirty white, not white white so colors are definitely muted somewhat.  Number 5 in smoothness - you can feel a slight tooth to this cardstock.

XPRESS IT - Lightens the colors somewhat but blends darker tones just fine. Number 2 in smoothness.

Marco's CLASSIC CREST #110 (Neenah) - Deep, clear colors. Number 4 in smoothness - you can feel a barely discernable tooth.

Marco's BECKETT EXPRESSION #130 - same as Classic Crest with deep, clear colors. Number 3 in smoothness.  Has the least bleed through, while all others (except GK) have about the same.

I compared these under an OTT lite.
These are personal observations only that I pass along to help others choose what cardstock they would prefer, given their own coloring style.

There are other cardstocks out there, but since I don't have samples on these others, I cannot comment.

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