Saturday, July 2, 2011

Over a month since I posted. Aren't I the busy little blogger? I'm still not sure what to put in this thing. Ramblings? Photos?

Guess rambling will work since nobody reads this.

My mojo went on vacation a week ago so I 'organized' my ribbon all week. I had 3 drawers full of ribbon spools and decided that was taking up way too much room, and had a great idea, so I used it. I had tons of mat board and finally had a way to use some of it. 2 drawers are now compacted into one of those small (11 x 11 ish) 3 drawered towers and used one drawer in my 3 drawer 12" for the printed ribbons. I just love it and it is so much easier to find what I want. Took lots of time, but since mojo was on vacation and I just HAD to watch the Casey Anthony trial on tv, it all worked out fine. Did all my lace at the same time, using much larger mat board pieces, but it is in a regular drawer. Instead of digging through tons of zip lock bags and tangles I can see exactly what I want now. Whoopee!!! I'll try to take photos and put them in here somehow or other.

I'm bad for remembering to take photos. I just took about 20 cards to the place I sell them and forgot to photo even one of them. For me it is more work that making the card. Now I have a handful ready and I will try to photo them to put on here for no one to admire and tell me how talented I am/not.

A JoAnn's has opened in Gainesville (30 minutes and $8 worth of gas to get there and back - boo hiss) and I thought my daughter and I were going yesterday but she didn't think the plan was set in stone so she picked up a dog and brought it here to groom so that kind of shot that. I want to go and I don't. I know very well that if I go I will find something I think I need and spend money I don't need to spend. Also, JoAnn's on line has great prices and often the shipping is cheaper or the same as the gas. Go figure.

So maybe I will go myself today. Or not. My craft space is now a mess that has to be straightened if I want to get back into cards. Or I could COPIC!!!!!

Will try to photo crap.


  1. So, where is the photo of your ribbon organisation thing! Would love to see it :)


  2. Check out

    I used her idea. Will try to take photos of mine but it is pretty much identical.